Arctic Nature Guide - one year programme

The Arctic Adventurer - Do you have it in you? Could you see yourself as an adventure guide in the Arctic's wild nature? Are you at your best when you lead and inspire people in the outdoors, giving them the experience of their life? If you want to spend more time in the most awesome and challenging, yet vulnerable nature imaginable, look no further. With the one-year programme Arctic Nature Guide in Spitsbergen, we guarantee you a year of adventures, followed by a working life in the great outdoors, where you meet nature every day, in every way. What's there not to love?

Contact (person and/or unit) Sigmund Andersen
Telephone +47 79 02 64 42
Programme duration 1 year
Application deadline International applicants: 1 December
Nordic applicants: 15 April
Nokut certification Yes
Formal prerequisites 1. Higher Education Entrance Qualification and certified language requirements in English.

2. In addition, you must hold a driving licence, category B (passenger car, etc.) or category S (snowmobile) valid in Norway.

For more information, see EEA Regulations: (

3. Relevant practical experience requirements

Relevant practical experience for admission to the Arctic Nature Guide program is:

- Work experience as a nature guide, equivalent to a minimum 6 months full time/100 % Or

- Work experience as an officer, outdoor leader or teacher, equivalent to a minimum 6 months full time/100 %

Experience from active outdoor life (eg. volunteer as instructor in winter sport or outdoor life, participation in expeditions or organized outdoor activity, experience as glacier- or climbing instructor) or education in outdoor life can replace lack of work experience. All experience must be equivalent to a minimum 6 months full time/100% and must be documented with valid reference letter.

For more information on admission requirements, please see the programme website.
Tuition No tuition fee
Subject area Other Areas of Study
Degree level Bachelor
City Svalbard
Credits 60 ECTS
Language of teaching English