MA Study Programme in Design

The Master of Arts in Design provides the practical qualifications and knowledge of methods and theory necessary for practicing design at an advanced level; aesthetically, ethically, and effectively. Primarily in the form of a larger, independent, experimental project, students learn new ways of thinking, also across accustomed disciplinary borders in order to develop their subject areas. Based on an extensive and thorough understanding of design as problem solving, Master's students cultivate a facility for comprehensive thinking and for handling complex problems. The development of strategic and conceptual competence prepares students for independent practice and establishes a foundation for working with larger projects. Students gain experience in presenting their own projects through several project presentations during the study program: strategic, conceptually and visually.

Contact (person and/or unit) Tale Vik
Telephone +47 55 58 73 21
Programme duration 2 years
Application deadline March 1.
Nokut certification Yes
Formal prerequisites A three year BA in Design, or other relevant education corresponding to 180 credits (studiepoeng).
Tuition No tuition fees.
Subject area Art and Design
Degree level Master
City Bergen, Norway
Credits 120
Language of teaching English and Norwegian