Master in Applied Ecology

Human impacts such as habitat destruction and fragmentation, harvesting, biological control, the introduciton of alien species, and discharge of environmental poisons or climatic gasses all contribute to changes in the environment.

Today these changes are occuring at a much faster rate and to a greater extent than species are able to adapt to. Ecological knowledge may be used to reduce the detrimental effects which may allow sustainable development between man and the environment.

In the present master programme in applied ecology we focus on questions related to the effects of human impact on the environment, effects of mitigation measures, sustainable use of natural resources and environmental monitoring.

The programme consists of the following
1. Study design and statistical modelling (10 credits
2. Human impact in ecology and evolution (20 credits)
3. Current topics in applied ecology (10 credits)
4. Wildlife- and habitat monitoring (10 credits)
5. Optional (10 credits)
6. Master thesis (60 credits)

Contact (person and/or unit) Elisabeth Riseth / Faculty of Applied Ecology and Agricultural Sciences
Telephone +47 62430873
Email elisabeth.riseth@hihm.no
Programme duration 2 years
Application deadline December 1st.
Nokut certification Yes
Formal prerequisites At least 3 years of higher education with a major within biology, ecology, environmental sciences or similar is required. For applicants from some nationalities, at least 4 years of higher education is required.
Tuition No tuition fees
Subject area Natural Sciences
Degree level Master
City Evenstad, Norway
Credits 120
Language of teaching English