Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Biology

This study programme provides basic knowledge in biological topics including ecology, evolution, biodiversity, botany, genetics as well as basic chemistry, mathematics and statistics. In some courses the students participate in lab and field activities. It is possible to continue with a MSc in Aquaculture or Marine Ecology after finishing this Bachelor's programme in biology.

You can choose to specialise in the direction of Marine Ecology, Biotechnology or Arctic Biology. The latter is arranged at Svalbard by the University Centre in Svalbard (UNIS).

Whale safari and other field excursions:
The county of Nordland offers amazing opportunities for the study of biology. Species including killer whales, sperm whales, sea-eagles, Atlantic puffins and seals make up just a part of the huge range of wildlife present in the region. Field observations of such species are a compulsory part of the study including a whale safari around Andøya.

Contact (person and/or unit) Kristine Vevik (International Coordinator), Faculty of Biosciences and Aquaculture
Telephone (+47) 75 51 74 37
Programme duration 3 years
Application deadline Local admission for non-European Union citizens: ​February 1st
​Local admission for European Union citizens: ​April 1st
Central admission for applicants with Norwegian education: April 15th
Nokut certification Yes

The Higher Education Entrance Qualification is comprised of requirements for the scope and content of secondary (high school) education, as well as language requirements for English and Norwegian. For more about the language requirements, see below.

Regarding the requirements for scope and content of secondary education, most applicants from Europe meet these through completion of a secondary school certificate, which would provide the grounds for university admission in the home country.

Applicants coming from outside Europe may need to demonstrate at least one year of university study in addition to a secondary school certificate. Please consult the GSU list issued by the Norwegian Agency for Quality Assurance in Education for country-specific requirements.

If an applicant does not fulfill the requirements for the Higher Education Entrance Qualification but has experience-based competence relevent to the field of study, he or she may apply for recognition of this competence in order to fulfill the admission requirements. See admission rules and regulations for more information


Mathematics R1 or Mathematics S1 and S2, plus one of the following subjects: Mathematics, Physics (1 and 2), Chemistry (1 and 2), Biology (1 and 2), Information technology (1 and 2), Geosubjects (1 and 2) Technology and research subjects (1 and 2).

The following A-levels qualifications are considered equivalent to the above mentioned Norwegian qualification requirements:
Mathematics AS level plus either: Mathematics (A -level), Physics (AS + A-level), Chemistry (AS + A-level), Biology (AS + A-level), Computer Science (AS + A-level)

An overview of approved qualifications from other countries can be found by following this link:


All applicants must satisfy the requirements for English language proficiency. Proficiency can be documented in any of the following ways:

- English basic course from upper secondary school in Norway with mark 2 or better
- TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) with a minimum score of 500 points on the paper-based test or 60 points on the Internet-based test
- IELTS (International English Language Testing System) with a minimum score of 5.0

Secondary school education in some countries outside Norway may fulfil the basis for English-language requirements. Please consult the GSU list for country-specific information
Tuition No tuition fees
Subject area Natural Sciences
Degree level Bachelor
City Bodø, Norway
Credits 180
Language of teaching English