Satisfied students in Norway

A new survey by Statistics Norway (SSB) shows that nine out of ten Norwegian students are happy with their student life. This applies to students at both large universities and smaller university colleges.

The survey interviewed more than 2200 students about various aspects of their studies, including health, available facilities and quality of the study programmes. The interviewed students came from both public and private institutions.

 More than 90% of the students say they have used the Internet as a tool in their studies. Sixty per cent of the students are satisfied with the computer facilities at their institution, while nearly 95% say they have access to the Internet from home. Seven out of ten students also say they have used online-based methods for submitting papers and exams.

Choice of study
 Interestingly, only 2% of the students stated that the prospects of a high income was the reason for their choice of study. Nearly half of the students
 indicated that subject interest was the main reason for choosing a field. Also, the prospect of working together with other people was an important factor for many of the students.


Source: Statistics Norway (SSB)