Study in Norway publications

Are you on your way to Norway? Prepare your arrival by reading our publications in English and French aimed at foreign students. Publications in other languages are coming soon.

Guide to Higher Education in Norway (2006/2007)
In this brochure you will find a short description of Norway’s educational system, information about our target areas within research and some practical details about how to apply for a student residence permit. In addition you will find a general description of life in Norway, including some useful facts about the Norwegian society.

Guide de l’enseignement supérieur en Norvège (2006/2007)
Vous trouverez dans cette brochure une brève description du système éducatif norvégien, des informationa concernant les domaines de recherche ciblés ainsi que des renseignements pratiques sur la demande de permis de séjour étudiant. Vous trouverez en outre une description générale de la vie en Norvège, notamment quelques informations utiles sur la société norvégienne.

A Brief Guide to Living in Norway (2006/2007)
A booklet for anyone who is thinking about living in Norway. It's designed to give you a brief guide to Norwegian society and culture; lifestyle, behaviour and opinions.

Online Masters Course Search
An overview of Master programmes taught in English at Norwegian institutions of higher education. Complete with programme descriptions, admission requirements and contact information.