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University of Stavanger

University of Stavanger

Study at the University of Stavanger
Our vision is “to challenge established facts, explore the unknown, gain insight and find wisdom, to benefit society at large and our students and staff.”

In order to realise this vision, we need staff, students and people around us who are curious and hungry for knowledge. We are convinced that a collective commitment to this ambitious vision will help us produce wiser individuals who will be better equipped to meet the future and everyday challenges.

UiS, like all Norwegian higher education institutions, has implemented measures dictated by the Quality Reform. The two main reasons for the reform are achieving improved quality in higher education and research and following up the Bologna's process and Norway's obligations in that regard.

Institution acronym UiS
Institution type University
Postal address University of Stavanger
Zip N-4036
City Stavanger
Telephone (+47) 51 83 10 00
Fax (+47) 51 83 10 50
Institution website

Organization description

The University of Stavanger is organised into four faculties:

  • The Faculty of Arts and Education
  • The Faculty of Social Sciences
  • The Faculty of Science and Technology
  • Museum of Archaeology

    UiS has researchers, teachers and an administrative staff who will do everything in their power to help our students leave the UiS secure in the knowledge that they have learned something that is relevant to their future career, and that has given them greater understanding of who they are.

    The University of Stavanger has about 8500 students and 1200 employees. UiS also has the pleasure of having a number of research institutions in the University's immediate vicinity. Co-operation with these academic partners is of mutual benefit.

    Contact Bjarte Hoem
    Zip code N-4036
    City Stavanger
    Telephone (+47) 51 83 30 77
    Fax (+47) 51 83 30 50
    International office website
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    High North Profiles and interviews
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