The information on this page is intended for staff at Norway's foreign missions. The information is owned by the Norwegian Centre for International Cooperation in Education (SIU). 

SIU is a public agency that promotes international cooperation in education. SIU administers programmes for the education sector, including programmes based on cooperation with employers and the business sector. SIU is a subordinate agency under the Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research.

Promoting Norwegian education
SIU is responsible for promoting Norway as an attractive study destination for international students, and Norwegian universities and university colleges as attractive partners for international institutions. SIU also administers, the official webpage for international students about studying in Norway, and a associated Facebook and Instagram profile. Below you can download Study in Norway promotional materials. 

Powerpoint presentation: 

Fact sheet: 


  • Study in Norway promotional film: International student (Canada) about the Norwegian nature (Youtube
  • Study in Norway promotional film: International student (China) about the Norwegian society (Youtube)  
  • Study in Norway promotional film: International student (The Netherlands) about the Norwegian education system (Youtube
  • Study in Norway promotional film: International student (Brazil) about career possibilities (YouTube


  • International students in Norway 2016 - Perceptions of Norway as a study destination (Adobe pdf)

Programme administration

 SIU is commissioned by several national and international public organisations to administer international programmes at all levels of education: 

More information on programmes: Contact

Our programmes can support a number of different activities. Here are some examples: 

Small-scale production: How the university NTNU wants to make the global player Kongsberg Maritime Subsea more efficient

Involving local businesses: Showing pupils what job opportunities that are available. 

Philosophical chef opening restaurant: 'Vocational subjects must not be a second-choice option'.

Entrepreurship and Innovation: 'Companies that succed with innovation, create values by making better use of their ideas'

Cheaper solar panels? How Norwegian and Spanish researchers want to renew the solar energy sector.

This webpage is under development – more resources will be available winter 2017.