Garl standing in front of a wide lake

“The experience at the Game School was outstanding”

Name: Carla Cerutti

Country: The Netherlands

Institution: Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences


An animated exchange at HINN

There are many reasons to choose an exchange stay. For Carla, there were several. She decided to go abroad because she likes to travel, and at the same time, she likes to challenge herself and experience new environments, cultures, and especially new languages.

"I enjoyed my stay, and the experience at the Game School (Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences) was outstanding. I learned so much and challenged myself to try new things. The courses were challenging in a good way, and all the lecturers were industry experts who were always available to provide help and feedback."

"I chose Hamar and the Game School because from the moment I saw the pictures of beautiful Lake Mjøsa, and after reading and being very impressed with the curriculum for animation and digital art, I knew it was the perfect place for me. Both in terms of learning, but also discovering a completely new place unlike anything I had been to before."

Carlas advices for others considering a semester in Hamar:
"I think the most important tips are to go out and experience new adventures. Get to know the city, which has a beautiful location and plenty of activities you can enjoy in different seasons. I also recommend that if there are any academic problems, you can talk more with your teachers and express your concerns to them. They will give you advice and help you as best they can."

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