Students at HVL - group work
HVL Sandy portrait

“You will always feel safe and have nice people around”

Name: Sandy Hoi Yan Shiu

Country: China

Institution: Western Norway University of Applied Sciences


A safe place to study

Sandy Hoi Yan Shui from Hong Kong, China, has made the most her studies in Norway by combining lectures with plenty of outdoor activities. 

Bring waterproof sportswear

“In Bergen, you will always feel safe and have nice people around. The city is decent with nice infrastructure, and it is easy to get around”, Sandy says. She truly enjoyed the culture and lifestyle in Norway. “The wonderful nature attracted me the most.”

“I arrived there in mid-January, and the wet weather surprised me”, Sandy explains. After a while, Sandy managed to adapt to both the rain and the snow during the winter and learned to enjoy the outdoors. Her best tip is to bring a waterproof outfit, shoes, and backpack. “Then you can enjoy outdoor activities anytime anywhere”. 

Hiking and kayaking

Furthermore, Sandy recommends a subject called Outdoor Learning, available at the Western Norway University of Applied Sciences. This course teaches students how to use the local environment as an outdoor classroom for children in school. As a part of this course, the Sandy and her fellow students went on field trips for hiking and kayaking.  

People coming from different countries also inspired Sandy a lot. “I’ve got a precious chance to meet new friends and understand their cultures and at the same time shared mine with them. This is a valuable opportunity to expand my insight that can influence my future”.