A student standing in front of NHH

“"The first weeks in Norway were a lot of fun and extremely busy."”

Name: Michael Toivonen

Country: Canada

Institution: Norwegian School of Economics

Education: Master of Economics and Business Administration

The student associations are incredibly active

What made you decide to study in Norway?   

"I was pursuing my master’s in business analytics in Canada and found out about this double degree opportunity to further my studies in a foreign country. I applied for both personal and academic reasons. I think that traveling to a new country is an amazing opportunity that I would be remiss to let pass by.  I would like the opportunity to learn in a new environment, to meet new people, and explore a new city and country.  

I had previously done a lot of research on Bergen and the city, and it looks remarkable with hiking paths surrounding the city, and impressive rock-climbing gyms that align with my hobbies of running and rock climbing. From an academic standpoint NHH is a leading business school in Europe and will provide the opportunity to gain more knowledge of global business operations."  


Would you recommend it to other students?    

"Despite the rainy weather, I would recommend studying here. I have made a lot of new friends from a diverse set of backgrounds and there is no better place to be when the weather is good. The student assocations are incredibly active and there are many clubs both, from academic, sports and other activities, that are available to join. I am a member of the climbing and running club which were great opportunities to push myself and make new friends in a supportive environment. 

From an academic standpoint, NHH has a strong faculty of impressive researchers and offer many interesting courses both methodological and application based. Universities in Norway prepare you well no matter the path that you wish to pursue afterwards. The student union organizes many company events that are great for networking as well as more social where you can build strong relationships." 


Can you describe your first weeks?

"The first weeks in Norway were a lot of fun and extremely busy. Each incoming student was placed in a group of around 20 others that you are with for the first week and partake in many activities with. This was a great way to get to know people in an informal setting. During this week there are also presentations from all the clubs and sport teams. During free time I would try and find a group a friend to climb one of the seven mountains surrounding the city where you get a great view of Bergen and a good workout."