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How can the temperature in the outer part of the sun's atmosphere be several million degrees, when the temperature in the layers just below is a few thousand? What is it that makes the universe expand faster? How were the super massive black holes in galaxies formed? These are some of the questions you can explore as a Master's student in astronomy.

About the programme

The Institute of Theoretical Astrophysics offers the only Master's degree programme in astronomy available in Norway. The programme emphasizes theoretical understanding in astrophysics and practical application of mathematics, physics, computer science, and statistics to solve astronomical problems. As part of the programme you will produce a thesis, where you can immerse yourself in either cosmology, extragalactic astronomy, or solar physics. The Institute houses international top-level research groups in these fields.

You will conduct your own research and learn what basic research is about. During the Master's programme you will learn problem solving, statistics and numerical calculations.You will be trained to communicate your work in writing and orally. This will provide you with experience and expertise that are both useful and sought after in a variety of industries.

Learning environment

Our wish is that you will thrive with us. Our students have access to excellent student facilities, such as a reading room with computer terminals and a student kitchen. The Student council promotes and advocates the students views and interests, and offers a number of social activities to its members. The University of Oslo also has a large number of unions and organizations. The department is of manageable size and it is easy to approach staff members. There are several venues where you have the opportunity to get to know and become part of a good academic environment. We will follow your progress, from the moment you accept the offer of admission and until you complete your final Master's exam. If you have practical questions, need guidance or experience problems along the way, please contact us and we will try to help you as best as we can.

Studies abroad

The University of Oslo offers a variety of exchange programmes. If you wish to study a semester abroad, we recommend that you do so in the second semester. The exchange should be arranged in cooperation with your supervisor so you can select courses that are relevant to your Master's programme. Another possibility is staying abroad while working with the Master's thesis.

Further studies and work

After completing your studies, you will have a good foundation for working in a number of fields in private and public sector. Former students are employed in technology and consulting companies, research and education institutions. Some Master's degree students who achieve very good academic results, pursue a research career by taking a PhD at the University of Oslo or a university abroad.

2 years | 120 ECT
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