Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Mid Norway

Chemistry - Master's Programme

The 2-year MSc in chemistry aims to educate chemists to work independently with chemistry at a high level. Through the use of lectures, laboratory work, and exercises, as well as project work, excursions, and a 60 ECTS independent master’s thesis where you get to dive deep into the research, you will gain knowledge of relevant working methods for research, industry, administration, and education.

In the Master’s degree in Chemistry, you will enter into a professional environment that is scientifically strong within all specializations. The degree also builds the foundation for doctoral programmes in Chemistry.

By taking a Master in chemistry, you will gain fundamental insight into chemical compounds with applications ranging from medicine, catalysis, and alternative energy sources.

If you want to develop better solutions for a sustainable future and to understand more about the global environmental issues affecting today’s society, then accept the challenge, and join us in creating a better future.

2 years | 120 ECT
Students outside of EU/EEA and Switzerland must pay tuition fees at Norwegian universities and university colleges. Visit our webpages to get detailed information on the tuition fees, see